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Boston Junk Removal & Trash Hauling
Furniture Removal - Couch, Mattress, Sofa, Dresser
Appliance PickUp -Fridge/Freeze, Stove, Washer, Dryer
E-waste Recycling - Computers, TVs, Electronics
Trash Hauling
Household Junk Removal - Garage, Basement, Yards
Foreclosure Cleanouts - Rentals & Evictions
Office and Storage Unit Clean-Outs - Desks, Files, Chairs
Yard Cleanups - Branches, Mulch, Dirt, Debris
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Job Description


You call us and we explain our volume-based pricing over the phone. Our prices include all labor, weight, and disposal fees. We will schedule an appointment time that is convenient for you.

We will call you within an hour of your scheduled appointment for arrival time confirmation. This allows for unforeseen circumstances such as traffic jams or a previous job that was larger than expected.

Once on site, our professional team will give you a firm price before any work begins. We do all the loading and clearing, wherever the items are located (attic, garage, basement, etc.), sweep up, and go! We make every effort to donate or recycle the items we remove.

Residential Junk Removal Services

A Junk-Free Home Is a Happy Home!

At spring-cleaning time or just before the Holidays, few things can lift your spirits like a clutter-free home. At Mass State Removal, we're here to help! Show us the junk, sit back, and relax. There! We're done! Nothing to it, that two strong men and a very BIG truck can't solve. Now, that's house cleaning made simple!

Our "Lowest-Price Guarantee" makes our service as cost-effective as it is efficient. In addition, "YES", of course, we respect your home and clean up after ourselves. Call right now. We will put the "sweet" back into your "Home Sweet Home!"


Selling your House?

Selling the family home and moving are among life's biggest stresses. can help by taking care of your after-moving chores.

The new owners will expect you to remove the stuff you leave behind - finally freeing yourself of the clutter of years gone by. We can dump that junk for you and our "Lowest-Price Guarantee" ensures that you won't pay too much to have the job done right. We offer complete property preservation services!

Garage Sale Aftermath

So, you had a garage sale and sold a lot of stuff that's been cluttering up your life? Good for you! Your sale was a success, but you didn't sell everything. Now what? All that leftover stuff really is junk now... and you cant bring it to the curb because the garbage man won't take it!

Help is on the way! Get your Garage Cleaned up! Call Mass State Removal, LLC now! We'll get over as quick as we can and haul away the remnants of your sale. We'll do it fast, with big, strong, well-trained men in a very BIG truck. The BIG truck keeps your cost down by helping us haul junk economically. We'll even guarantee a job-well-done at the best price without our "Lowest-Price Guarantee".


Commercial Clients Property Management

When Residents clear out, we clean up!

We know what a headache it is when tenants vacate your premises and leave a ton of junk behind. Get your properties cleaned up and rented fast by calling . We'll quickly remove your tenant's trash, old furniture, computers, electronics, files, garbage and more. We handle foreclosure clean ups, abandonments, skips and eviction clean outs! We can have your premises ready to show, in no time. We offer complete property preservation services!


Renovators and Contractors

Keep your work site clean and safe. Save time. An easy alternative to bins!

Got a job site that's NOT dumpster friendly? Need regular cleanups at multiple locations? Want scheduled, low-cost debris removal? Whatever your debris-removal needs, call , a guaranteed low-cost, dependable solution.


Real Estate Agents

Clear out the clutter and clear the way to a sale!

Junked-up yards and cluttered basements won't help you sell a property. Call to turn a "dump" into a property that "shows well". We'll do the sales cleaning and get the job done in record time, and put you on the fast track to a SOLD sign. We offer complete property preservation services!



We will save you time and money so you can focus on making sales!

Every time a shipment arrives, the junk starts to pile up - boxes, containers, packaging and more. With today's demanding customers, you don't have time to deal with junk. We do!

Call to clean out the storeroom and spend your time making cash, instead of dealing with trash. Our well-trained people, fast, dependable service, and "Lowest-Price Guarantee" can help you make the most of your business.


Office Cleanouts

Moving is a chore, but cleaning up doesn't have to be!

We can help smooth out your move by getting rid of your office junk, including furniture, equipment, electronics, old files, paper and more. Call to schedule help on the day you need it. We're fast, professional, and dependable, so you can sit back and relax on moving day.

Don't forget! Our "Lowest-Price Guarantee" means you don't have to waste time shopping around. Just call and leave your junk behind. Whether you have a little junk or truckloads of trash, we will handle it. Now, that's what we call a smooth move.

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